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In Toto Team

Amy Jacobs


Executive Director

In Toto Team Krystin Smith

Krystin Smith

she/her, they/them

Inclusive Autism Program Manager

in Toto Team Megan Shane

Megan Shane


Empowering Moms Program Manager

Office Manager

Sydney loves to welcome guests to our center and help guide them to the community resources and programs we offer.


Sydney Branby


Office Manager and Social Media/Digital Marketing Manager

in Toto Team Ralph Barr

Ralph Barr


Online Program Facilitator

In Toto Team

Alexandra Runyard


Toddler Time Program Facilitator

Infertility Support Program Manager



Alicia Legget


Infertility Support Program Manager

Allison Broaddrick


Director Emeritus

Board of Directors

Jennifer Nanna - President

Registered Nurse, MBA Student and Customer Success Manager working in health technology l Mother of ASD son

Heather Davidson - Treasurer

Non-Profit and Policy Consultant and Participant of the Empowering Moms Program as a mother of two children

Lucinda Wiebe - Secretary

Retired administrator and mother of 2 adult sons diagnosed with ASD

Heidi Moeller - Vice President

Former Elementary School Teacher and Participant of the Empowering Moms Program

Eric Carlson - Event Chairperson

Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Group Supporter

Our Founder

Mary Limbacher founded in Toto Community Resource Center, then Parents in Toto Autism Resource Center in December 2008. Her passion for giving back to the community and creating lasting connections is the foundation of Toto. Mary continues to inspire the work that we do and her legacy lives on in Toto. 

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