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Infertility Support

We provide a place for people going through infertility to find that they are not alone.

Our infertility support groups provide a safe place for women who have experienced reproductive challenges along the journey toward motherhood.  We want to help them to find encouragement through sharing similar experiences, exploring medical journeys, and participating in a healthy place to vent frustrations- because having a baby is just not as easy as it sometimes may seem.

With monthly primary and secondary opportunities that are in person and virtual, participants can connect with each other and a facilitator to show up as they are and meet whatever their current needs might be. We also offer occasional opportunities for couples to participate in these conversations and maintain support for those expecting and bringing home a child.

Join us knowing that participants have a safe space to unite together to know that they are important aside from being someone’s parent. 

Bring your struggles, we support you!

People don’t expect this nor do they want this.  Ever.  No one does.  There are so many layers of pain, disappointment, awkwardness, and frustration associated with infertility that people keep it hidden from others and sometimes struggle to even admit it’s really happening to themselves.  Sharing your struggles in public can not only feel taboo, it runs the risk of hearing unfair judgment and bad advice.  HOWEVER, shouldering this burden alone, as an individual or a couple, is not good, either.  There is comfort in finding connections with those in a similar journey.  There is perhaps comfort in knowing that you are not the only one. 

I look forward to meeting you,

Alicia Legget,

Infertility Support Facilitator

Our infertility support groups are an extension of the Empowering Moms Program. If you’re expecting a baby after infertility, come find out about more ways you can connect and get support.

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