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in Toto Book Nook

Book Nook

We are currently in the process of building an up to date and inclusive library connected with our program supports. Our books will cover postpartum support, early childhood development, neurodiversity, autism and more. Check out our wish list here if you’d like to help contribute to our library.  You can make a plan to come in, read, relax, and learn something new.

in Toto Community Resourses

Community Resources

Need information and contacts? Whether diagnostic and medical or community and other assistance – we can share with you our many connections to resources in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas. From early childhood development to adult independent living and family financial planning, we can help give you places to start.

in Toto Sensory Room

Sensory Fidgets

Come check out our wide range of sensory toys and tools. With fidgets becoming widely popular, you’re sure to find something for anyone. Shop with us to get sensory input today!

Helpful Links

We are pleased to connect you with the many organizations in our community that offer valuable assistance with everything from education and behavioral health to support and advocacy.

Feel free to contact us to discuss these and any other resource needs you may have.

Autism Connection of PA

Education, advocacy and support

We provide education, advocacy and support to parents and professionals living and loving ASD. We are a PA, parent run organization, have 70 support groups in 44 counties, a free lending library and personal experience with ASD.

Abram's Bed

Bed enclosure

We manufacture a bed enclosure for those whose loved ones need to be secure through the night. Our enclosure is a safe place for your child to sleep that can be secured from the outside to prevent wandering or any unwanted/unsafe overnight activity.

Allied Dental Group

Specializing in Pediatric and Special Needs Dental Services

At Allied Dental Group, we believe that a doctor and patient become a team for treating an individual’s dental needs. Our doctors take time to understand your concerns and respond with the best treatment options for you. With the help of our professional staff, they follow up to make sure that general pain is relieved, problems are resolved and your health improves. We offer a wide selection of dental services so that all your family members can be treated under one roof. Along with our general dentists, we also have a wide range of specialists including an orthodontist for braces, a pediatric dentist who treats children of all ages, an oral surgeon for removing difficult teeth, and numerous anesthesiologists to allow you to have your treatment completed while you sleep.

ASERT Autism Resource Center

Enhancing the Lives of Pennsylvanians with Autism of all Ages and Abilities.

ASERT is a statewide initiative funded by the Bureau of Autism Services, PA Department of Public Welfare. It is our mission to enhance the lives of Pennsylvanians with autism of all ages and abilities by: * Improving regional access to quality services and interventions * Providing information and support to families * Training professionals in best practices ASERT is a statewide initiative funded by the Bureau of Autism Services, PA Department of Public Welfare. It is our mission to enhance the lives of Pennsylvanians with autism of all ages and abilities by: * Improving regional access to quality services and interventions * Providing information and support to families * Training professionals in best practices * Facilitating partnerships among providers of services throughout the commonwealth. The Autism Resource Center has an extensive database of resources. We can provide you with information that answers your questions and puts your in touch with service providers in your area. One of our knowledgeable professionals will provide you with the resources you requested within 48 hours of your call.

Autism Personal Coach

Plan. Proceed. Achieve.

Autism Personal Coach will provide you with a safe, confidential environment for you to discuss your current issues, passions, struggles, and opportunities. We will encourage you to identify your core values, and set goals that you truly want. We focus on self-awareness, employment, independent living and social skills.

Autism Self Advocacy Network

Access, Rights, Opportunities, Empowerment

The Autistic Self Advocacy Network seeks to advance the principles of the disability rights movement with regard to autism. ASAN believes that the goal of autism advocacy should be a world in which autistic people enjoy equal access, rights, and opportunities. We work to empower autistic people across the world to take control of our own lives and the future of our common community, and seek to organize the autistic community to ensure our voices are heard in the national conversation about us. Nothing About Us, Without Us! The Autistic Self Advocacy Network is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization run by and for autistic people. ASAN was created to serve as a national grassroots disability rights organization for the autistic community, advocating for systems change and ensuring that the voices of autistic people are heard in policy debates and the halls of power. Our staff work to advance civil rights, support self-advocacy in all its forms, and improve public perceptions of autism. ASAN’s members and supporters include autistic adults and youth, cross-disability advocates, and non-autistic family members, professionals, educators, and friends.

Autism Services By Klaw

Consultation, Training and Advocacy

Consultation, training and advocacy as well as supervision/consultation for mental health therapists who treat clients with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Please see our website for details on all services.

Basic American Sign Language

Education and Communication

Offering private and public classes and lectures which are easy and affordable! Free community programs are also available. Contact her for more information!

Bluebee TeeVee: The Autism Information Station

Online Autism Information for Kids

Bluebee TeeVee is a webisode series where kids learn all about autism—in a friendly, clinically correct and respectful manner with humor and pop culture references thrown in for fun. An innovative series that helps children see past differences, learn acceptance and understanding, and discover that we’re all pretty much the same at heart. Created by James Sullivan and Jonathan Murphy, both young adults on the autism spectrum.

Butler County Alliance for Children

Child Advocacy Center

The mission of Butler County Alliance for Children is to place the needs of victim children and their non-offending caregivers first in order to reduce further trauma throughout investigations of child maltreatment and abuse. The vision of Butler County Alliance for Children is the creation of a community where children are free from abuse and neglect, families are healed and victims become children again.

Butler County MH/EI/ID

Mental Health/Early Intervention/Intellectual Disabilities

It is the mission of the Butler County MH/EI/ID Program to ensure that there is a comprehensive array of services for children and adults with special needs that promotes their quality of life and enables them to participate as productive members of our community.

Career TRACK Inc.

Free Training, Resources and Workplace Support

Our mission is three-fold: 1) Help individuals who are marketable find a job 2) Help those without a solid skill set get appropriate training for today’s job market 3) Assist employers in fulfilling hiring needs Our staff offers decades of experience to help job seekers and employers reach these goals. We offer an array of services including a simple needs assessment and referral, a more comprehensive assessment of skills, job search assistance, and help paying the costs associated with occupational training. Employers can also benefit as we work hard to provide a skilled workforce that meets the needs of our local employers. We service Armstrong, Butler and Indiana counties.

C.A.R.E.S of Western PA

Community and Residential Empowerment Services Inc.

C.A.R.E.S. is an organization providing person-centered services to individuals with developmental disabilities and behavioral health challenges. We are comprised of three separate companies providing services to individuals throughout the state of Pennsylvania. We specialize in connecting our self-advocates with opportunities to be family focused, self- determined, individualized, person centered, strength based and optimize opportunities for job training, employment, growth, independence, involvement in the community, vacation services and to provide long-term support to families in a residential setting.

Center for Autism & Related Disorders (CARD)

Comprehensive Autism Services for All

The comprehensive CARD treatment program includes a variety of different services including ABA therapy and social skill groups for all ages. We offer services throughout PA as well as Remote Clinical Services. With over 200 locations in three countries, CARD can meet your needs!

Children's Aid Society - Mercer County

Supporting & Strengthening Children, Families and Communities

We are helping children in Mercer County and beyond find loving families, and helping families give their children the resources and support they need to thrive. We understand the importance of a strong foundation when raising children, and we provide programs to help establish this foundation. With Family Focus, the Family Life Education Program, Adoption, Anger Management, Autism Support and our Jumpstart Daycare services, we strive to serve different family situations with the care they need.

Community Options, Inc.

Supporting People with Disabilities since 1989.

Community Options’ mission is to develop housing and employment supports for persons with disabilities. Community Options believes in the dignity of every person, and in the freedom of all people to experience the highest degree of self-determination. Embracing this philosophy, Community Options works with individuals with significant disabilities through residential services, day programs, social enterprises that employ individuals with disabilities, high school transition programs, and specialized programs for respite and medically fragile adults.

Comprehensive Children and Family Services

Autism Program

Dedicated to providing the highest level of professionalism in our services. Whether we are in the home or in the classroom we view ourselves as guests and act accordingly. Our staff is continuously trained not just on therapeutic and mental health topics, but on first aid, proper restraint and how to avoid having to use it, and on confidentiality to protect the privacy of our clients and their families. We are a growing company because families, schools, and other mental health professionals have put their trust in us and have willingly referred us to others because we have kept that trust.

Family Behavioral Resources

Here, Caring is Everything.

Family Behavioral Resources remains committed to making a difference in the lives of every individual that we touch. FBR provides wraparound services in Butler County, and has many other programs across Western PA.

Glade Run Lutheran Services

Autism Support Classrooms

St. Stephen’s Lutheran Academy, a licensed private school, offers Autism Support classrooms designed for students aged 6-18 with moderate to high-functioning autism, such as Asperger’s Syndrome. Glade Run also offers Wraparound Behavioral Health and Resource Services (BHRS) to children and individuals up to age 21 who have a mental health diagnosis and/or an autism spectrum disorder. Glade Run Adventures programming offers Therapeutic Animal & Horticulture lessons year-round with social skills groups, individual lessons, and summer camps. Services available in Allegheny, Butler, and Beaver counties.

Harkawik, Rachel

ICAN Talk Clinics

We are a group of certified speech-language pathologists that provide therapeutic services for a wide range of people with all disabilities of all ages. We are a not-for-profit organization dedicated to help patients achieve the most effective communication possible. Services include evaluations, treatment, consultation, and training for both traditional speech and language services as well as augmentative and alternative communication.

Hollywood Theater

Community Theater

Hollywood Theater, located in Dormont, is a community theater offering first and second run movie screenings, specialty programming and event hosting. The theater partners with non-profits far and wide to engage with the community and meet the needs of it’s audiences.

Jonah & The Whale Foundation

Helping Families of Disabled & Chronically Ill Children

Jonah & The Whale Foundation, is a 501{c}3 nonprofit organization that helps families of disabled & chronically ill children throughout the United States, Canada, and beyond. The Foundation provides parents with advocacy guidance, resource materials, durable medical equipment, family networking, and other support services if needed.

Juicedup EP

Original Music

***THIS IS A CHARITY ALBUM.*** This means that 100% of all profits will be donated to the Parents in Toto Autism Resource Center to help children in the local community.

Learning Express Toys

Educational Toys and Games

Located in Cranberry Township, PA and provides educational toys and games.

McDonough, Lisa LCSW

Psychotherapy for Autism Spectrum Disorders

Individual and family psychotherapy provided for Autism Spectrum Disorders. Fox Chapel Area.

McMorrow Law, LLC

Guardianships and Estate Planning Services for Special Needs Children and Their Families

I offer guardianships and estate planning services at a reduced cost to special needs children and their families. If your have not obtained a guardianship over your special needs adult child who does not have the legal capacity to sign a power of attorney, please call me. If you have questions about a special needs trust or estate planning in general for you or your child, I can assist you. I also handle family law matters like child support, custody, adoption, and divorce.

Murphy, James

Hello, and welcome to my new blog, Adult World Autism. Here in my new blog, I would like to share a personal account of what it is like to be a person on the Autism Spectrum living independently in the adult world. Navigating the Adult World can be difficult, add the component of Autism, and it can be even more difficult if you are a person on the Autism Spectrum. What I will talk about is issues in the Adult World relating to a person like myself. These can include issues that may not be issues to neurotypical adults, but for someone on the Autism Spectrum, it can be a big issue. Additionally, there can be issues that can be issues for neurotypicals as well, but issues that can get exacerbated with Autism. Any way my hope is that for those is to provide inspiration for individuals and family members on the Autism Spectrum and to give a point of view of what the Adult World is like to those without Autism. I hope that sharing this can help others.

National Autism Association

We’re here to help families.

The mission of the National Autism Association is to respond to the most urgent needs of the autism community, providing real help and hope so that all affected can reach their full potential. Advocacy. Research. Education. Thoughtful Awareness. Hope.

Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR)

Vocation Rehabilitation Services

Vocational rehabilitation services which may include: psychological assessments, vocational evaluations, driving evaluations, assistive technology evaluations, possible funding for post-secondary training at colleges or trade/technical schools, recommendations for accommodations, job placement services, job coaching services, on-the-job training contracts, and more.

Pace School

Placement option for school districts

Pace School is a placement option for school districts in Allegheny and surrounding counties that serves kids, grades K-9, with emotional challenges or Autism.

PEAL Center

Advocacy, Education, Guidance

PEAL works with families, youth and young adults with disabilities and special health care needs to help them understand their rights and advocate for themselves. Through our unwavering commitment to inclusion and our guiding values, we empower families and individuals to be included in their home schools and access high quality, coordinated physical and behavioral health care. PEAL’s services are provided at no charge to families as they are funded by private donations and federal, state, and private grants.

Pediatric Therapy Professionals

Early Intervention Services

Providing early intervention services to children age birth through three, who have special needs, and supporting the families of these children.

PennDOT's Yellow Dot Program

Alert First Responders to Your Needs

Pennsylvania’s Yellow Dot Program was created to assist citizens in the “golden hour” of emergency care following a traffic crash when they may not be able to communicate themselves. Placing a free yellow dot in your vehicle’s rear window alerts first responders to check your glove compartment for vital information to ensure that you receive the critical medical attention you need.

People in Need

Social Services

This program provides free counseling and assistance to expectant parents and their baby. People in Need offers to qualified individuals the Columbia Gas CAP Program and the Dollar Energy Program. People in Need also provides a food bank for individuals meeting the guide lines. This program is offered for Lawrence County residents only. Offices are open Monday through Friday 8:30AM to 4:30PM.

Perspectives Program at University of Pittsburgh

Help for Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Psychosocial treatment, or non-drug interventions involving psychological and social therapy, may help adults with autism spectrum disorders learn to interact better with others, manage their emotions, feel more comfortable in social situations, and accomplish their life goals. The Perspectives Program aims to study how best to help adults with autism spectrum disorders using psychosocial treatment. The Center for Excellence in Autism Research at the University of Pittsburgh has begun the Perspectives Program, a psychosocial treatment research program, to study and treat adults with autism spectrum disorders. Participants will be treated for up to 18 months with either Cognitive Enhancement Therapy or Enriched Supportive Therapy. These psychosocial research interventions provide support and are designed to improve social functioning, problem solving, stress management, and more… In addition to receiving these research interventions, participants may also be asked to complete interviews, computer testing, and diagnostic assessments. Participants will be compensated for completing these activities, and will not be billed for treatment provided by the program.

Pressley Ridge Autism Services

Individualized Educational and Therapeutic Services

Pressley Ridge Autism Services provides individualized educational and therapeutic services to children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. The School for Autism is a Licensed Private Academic School that provides special education to children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. The Autism Summer Program helps youth with autism to maintain progress on their IEP goals, as well as to develop new social and communication skills.

Project SEARCH

Combined Education and Work Experience Program

Over the past 13 years Project SEARCH has been successfully placing individuals with disabilities in hospitals, clinics, banks and a variety of other professional businesses. Project SEARCH is a one year high school transition program for students with disabilities. Project SEARCH is designed as a combined education and work experience program which prepares 12+ year students for competitive employment. The corner stone of Project SEARCH is total immersion in a large business. Currently in Pittsburgh’s UPMC Mercy Hospital.

Remake Learning Network

Igniting Engaging, Relevant, and Equitable Learning Practices

When learning is engaging, learners have the time, resources, support, environment, and encouragement to be active problem-solvers, creators, innovators, advocates, and citizens. When learning is relevant, it resonates today with a learner’s interests, culture, context, community, identity, abilities, and experiences, while allowing room for exposure and growth. When learning is equitable, more supports and opportunities are afforded to those of greatest need. Based on national and regional research, this means particular attention is paid to working alongside, as well as uplifting and supporting the voices, strength, and potential of: learners in poverty; learners of color; learners in rural areas; girls in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math); and learners with exceptionalities.

Rose E. Schneider Family YMCA

Cranberry Township

The Y makes accessible the support and opportunities that empower people and communities to learn, grow and thrive. With a focus on youth development, healthy living and social responsibility, the Y nurtures the potential of every youth and teen, improves the nation’s health and well-being, and provides opportunities to give back and support neighbors.

Seneca Valley School District

Suburban School District

The Seneca Valley School District is a suburban district located in southern Butler County. The district covers 100 square miles and includes Cranberry, Forward, Jackson and Lancaster townships and Callery, Evans City, Harmony, Seven Fields and Zelienople boroughs.

Theatre Horizon

Theater Program

Theatre Horizon has an Autism Drama Program that inspires imagination and social development in individuals on the autism spectrum. Capitalizing on the strengths and the interests of the participants, our classes encourage interpersonal relationships, verbal expression, flexible thinking, and a sense of self-worth and accomplishment. Programs include the Youth Drama Program for students ages 10 – 1, and Playwriting and the Art of Storytelling for ages 17 – 30+.

Three Rivers Music Therapy

Music Therapy

Three Rivers Music Therapy, LLC is a private practice in the greater Pittsburgh area. We provide individual, group and contract music therapy services to children, adolescents and young adults.

Vocational & Psychological Services

Quality Psychological Services

Providing services for over 55 years in Western Pennsylvania, we currently serve four counties (Lawrence, Mercer, Butler and Beaver), including evaluations, autism services, wraparound, counseling, supported employment, training, and corporate services.

Watson Institute

Autism Services for Children and Families

The Watson Institute helps children with special needs achieve their fullest potential in all aspects of their lives. The Watson Institute admits students without regard to gender, race, color, national origin or religious creed. We operate a special education preschool program involving children with autism spectrum disorder and their typically-developing peers. We offer inclusive summer camp programs and provide child assessment and therapy for children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder. We also provide educational programming with a partial hospital component to children and adolescents with severe emotional disturbances. We’ve given a well-deserved break to families through our respite services.Today the Watson Institute is made up of special education schools, resources and programs for children with special needs, as well as those professionals and pre-professionals who serve children with special needs.

Wesley Spectrum

Transformational Support for Children and Families

Wesley Spectrum bases autism treatment on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) because we value quality service and evidence-based practices. Our staff utilize data-based decision making and positive, proactive strategies. Wesley Spectrum is committed to continuous improvement in the services we provide, and we strive to create an environment in which children are able to build lifelong skills and staff are able to successfully transfer abilities. We hold ourselves accountable for treatment outcomes, and we support our clients in becoming more independent, responsible, and caring members of their community.

The Woodlands

Enriching the lives of children and adults with disability and chronic illness

Our barrier-free environment encourages everyone, of every ability and disability, to safely explore what’s possible and discover new levels of independence. Hands-on experiences guided by our caring staff help to reinforce social, cultural, environmental, recreational and spiritual growth. Participation is encouraged at every level, and celebrated in a welcoming and approachable group setting such as our camps, retreats, clubs and events. Nestled on serene, private wooded property, our grounds feature: an indoor heated pool, 48-bed lodge, dining hall, creative arts and computer lab, activity center, camping area, sports court, nature trail, adapted zip line, amphitheater, adapted kitchen, adapted archery range, and a par-3 adapted golf course. Every experience at The Woodlands is made to be as accessible as possible – so participation can be enjoyed by all individuals and families ready to see what’s possible!

Toto's Authors

Check out some of these Toto-recommended reads by local and national authors…

INSPIRE: Women’s Stories of Accomplishment, Encouragement and Influence

INSPIRE: Women’s Stories of Accomplishment, Encouragement and Influence

INSPIRE: Women’s Stories of Accomplishment, Encouragement and Influence is a uniquely empowering collaborative book that features the individual stories of twenty-five dynamic women who share their experiences and emotions that contributed their inspired lives of change and contribution.

Mary Limbacher, founder and executive director of Parents in Toto, contributes her story in lucky chapter number thirteen of how her life circumstances came together to give her the unique gifts it takes to open and operate a safe-haven for autism families.

Proceeds from book sales benefit Toto!

Living in Technicolor: An autistic’s thoughts on raising a child with autism

Living in Technicolor: An autistic’s thoughts on raising a child with autism

Living in Technicolor: An autistic’s thoughts on raising a child with autism will not give you a step-by-step on raising your child. What it will do is offer the unique perspective of one autistic young woman, how she thinks and what she believes, and it will give you her ideas about how to help your child feel understood as an individual on the spectrum.

Autistic Writes is a short collection of more creative pieces that convey the feelings of sensory overload, friendships, and other aspects of living on the spectrum.

Lydia Wayman is an autistic advocate, speaker, and writer. She has her B.S. in Elementary Education and her M.A. in English and creative writing. She is also a Young Leader with the Autistic GlobalInitiative.

Emma the Giraffe

Emma the Giraffe

Emma the Giraffe is the story of a young giraffe who sees the world differently than her animal peers. Emma really wants a friend who understands her. Emma has Autism.

Sheryl Yeager is the owner of the greeting card business, Autistic Impressions. As an adult living with autism, she enjoys depicting animals because they are not judgmental or intimidating in her art. Often the expressive quality of her work reflects her inner emotions and concerns. She is thankful to have the ability to express herself through art.

C.I.T. Counselor in Trouble

C.I.T. Counselor in Trouble

C.I.T. Counselor in Trouble: And So It Begins

C.I.T. Counselor in Trouble: Our Campfire Horror Stories

C.I.T. Counselor in Trouble: Uproar at Uppity Peninsula

Kimberly Gayle Bingham is a local artist, author, and performer. During her childhood, Kim wrote her own books using colored pencils, paper, and a stapler. She loved comic books, and she liked to make her own comic strips. In 2013, Kim had finished her first graphic novel, C.I.T. Counselor in Trouble. The series continues to evolve!

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