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Programs & Tools

Our Center provides community-based programs that foster inclusion and acceptance, benefit mental health, provide verified mental and behavioral health referrals and resources, and build lasting community connections.

Unlike clinical settings, we do not have an evaluation or participation wait time, diagnosis or insurance requirements, financial obligation or schedule commitment for our weekly and monthly programs. In Toto Community Resource Center bridges gaps in existing services through our different programs. Participants can find genuine and lasting connections to help create an accepting village of support. 

Inclusive Autism Program

The Inclusive Autism Program at in Toto Community Resource Center exists to engage autistic and neurodiverse people of all ages…

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Empowering Moms Program

The Empowering Moms program is transitioning to Connected Nest, a new nonprofit supporting those on the journey to, through and…

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TLC Toto Loves Community

We saw a need for supporting the community via care packages! T ~ Toto L ~ Loves C ~ Community…

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Upcoming Events

Autism Acceptance Month!

Share information about acceptance this April!

We are proud to be a part of a community that wants to raise up Autistic voices and share our goals of acceptance.

This April we are partnering with Butler Succeed to place art in coffee shops and restaurants across Butler County to share about Toto and more importantly, information about autism.

Please check back for a list of local business that will be displaying incredible art made by Toto’s artists!

Image with a watercolor rainbow background stating "Help Us Celebrate Autism Acceptance Month. Brought to you by in toto, Butler Succeed and you!"
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