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A Thoughtful Response

This week, I posed the question “What do you want other people to know about autism?” to my Virtual Young Men’s Group and I’d like to share with you some of their responses. They raised points I hadn’t considered, spoke thoughtfully and pointed out that the 90s was a long, long time ago!

“People with autism go through hard times and people don’t realize that everyone cant be perfect.” -Trent

“A lot of people have misinterpreted what autism is. They think of just the really bad cases.” -Javin

“A lot of kids in my school have autism and they aren’t ridiculed or anything because autism isn’t a joke.” -Liam

“In our day and age I feel like people understand you cant bully someone for the way they are cause that’s rude and stupid. Kids my age don’t bully about autism like they did in the 90s.” -Aidan

“I think most people think that people with autism should be punished when they do something wrong but I think they should be rewarded and encouraged when they do something right.” -Dominic

What do YOU want other people to know about autism?

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