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Dream On

This week’s blog was inspired by a question raised in Young Adult Group:

With Unlimited Funding, What Is One Dream You Would Fulfill?

I would like to share with you some of our collected dreams and please feel free to share yours below!

  • Own a private airport with military inspired hangars and air strips. I would rent it out for events!
  • Install a full size movie theater in my home. First showing: Star Wars
  • Open a free mental health clinic in an underserved area
  • Own one of every Pokemon and Beyblade ever made!
  • Run a holistic, organic apothecary for low income and unhoused individuals
  • Fund “Song of War”, the Minecraft series
  • Operate a giant, self sustaining amusement park that’s open to the public
  • Go on a European tour of historic battlegrounds
  • Live in my own cat sanctuary
  • Own a licensed goat farm raising milk and angora
  • Run a combo Bed and Breakfast/Dog rescue
  • Start my own town. I would be the leader.
  • For Parents in Toto to start and animation company and I would be head animator
  • Have my own “Community in Toto: Corner of Bliss” with a large center and life skills area and outdoor space
  • Run an eco friendly, holistic center for familial support with childcare, retreat space and care for moms
  • Retire to a “hobbity” life in a cottage in the woods with my family. I’ll have animals and sew and bake.
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