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Feelings Matter

Last week during Virtual Game Day, one participant caught my eye immediately. They were frowning, talking in a different tone and their shoulders were almost as high as their ears. Before I could ask, they announced to the group that they were feeling “very agitated” because their parent was unable to take them to the store. They shared that they “really wanted to go and it’s not fair” that they were stuck at home. Several participants empathized and the group moved ahead without incident. I messaged the upset individual in the Zoom chat and thanked them for showing others how to name their feelings and being brave enough to work through them by staying with the group and sharing what was wrong. They messaged back a short “you’re welcome” and by the end of group they were smiling a little. I considered it a successful day. Its hard to recognize when we’re getting upset sometimes, especially if we aren’t sure what to look for. And not everyone is able to put words to their feelings or cope with them. I am really thankful for the brave participant who modeled these things for us last week!

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