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Inclusive Autism Program’s Year in Toto!

The Inclusive Autism Program had a wonderful year!  We hosted over 600 individual groups! We updated our logo and our message to be more welcoming to all neurodiverse individuals. We added new groups and met people from all over the world. We celebrated birthdays, personal achievements and new friendships being built. We learned about ourselves and our feelings a little bit more. And we continue to grow together. 


This year our groups have continued to flourish! Here’s a quick recap:

In the Cooking Group, we turned our focus toward healthier ingredients and expanding our palates! We have tried Autoimmune Protocol Recipes, Paleo Recipes and Vegan Recipes. We made appetizers from Mexico, entrees from Thailand and desserts from France!

Teen Group, both online and in person, continues to share interest, games, stories and crafts! We’ve played MadLibs, Seek and Find, made sensory dough, built Lego ships, learned to play Uno a different way and discovered which medieval weapon we are most like!

The Adult Group continues to grow at Toto! In person, we’ve shared birthdays, holidays and personal achievements. We’ve also been there to support each other during times of great personal loss. We’ve seen friend’s get jobs, get their licenses, go on first interviews, graduate high school and perform in musicals. We’ve had Monopoly tournaments and seen all the new Mario Kart tracks! Friendships continue to blossom in Adult Groups. 

Our Elementary and Teen&Up Minecraft Groups have increased in size! In our elementary realm, we’ve built castles and houses and farms while working on cooperation and kindness. In our Teen & Up Realm, we’ve battled withers, creepers and endermen while crafting a massive town. 

This year was the year of the brain in Tools! Both groups learned about how our brain receives and sends messages, how our brains can help us manage feelings and what to do with the feelings we have. We have had scavenger hunts, made sensory toys, done Minecraft challenges and practiced different ways to relax. 

Our Elementary Create and Play Group took off this summer! We meet for games and activities and always end up laughing! We play a lot with our hands and make the most of our senses when we’re together!

Our Game Day Group has had a fun year! We’ve shared in new video game releases and updates, played Quiplash and Blather Round and Civic Doodle online together and had a lot of laughs in the process. 

Our Parent Support Group experienced a change this year, transitioning from online with Krystin to in person with Allison. 

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