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The Cats Meow

Some of us have fur friends, some of us have scaly friends and some of us have stuffed friends. The benefit of attending a virtual group is you never know who you’ll get to meet! A dog named Amos who looks at his mom as if she hung the moon, a turtle from the United Kingdom, a rabbit named Rhonda who gets to roam the yard before bed. You might meet Fluffster who is the world’s snuggliest stuffed bunny or Gus who has a wrinklier face than his brother Mickey or Spice with her pure white fur. The groups know that Sid is camera shy and Fila is always on the corner of the bed keeping an eye on her favorite brother. Each week, the unexpected tail passing the camera or background bark makes us all grin and gives us the opportunity to share another part of our selves and our homes with each other. These pets make us happy, provide comfort and unconditional love, something we all deserve:)

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