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In Memory of Brian Steinmetz
Back in October 2013, Rachel and I visited Toto for the first time during a Young Adult gathering and felt right at home. In no time, we became a part of this awesome Toto family. During our first visit at Toto, one particular family comes to mind ; a very tall man, a young lady full of innocent energy and a handsome young man who loves to knit. Over time, we became better friends which bloomed from dinner’s with Mary’s family (after hanging at Toto)….. to Brian and Rachel attending Brian’s prom together. Brian ended up being a part of our lives outside of Toto…. if Brian and Rachel weren’t together, they were on the phone laughing and singing (while on speaker phone of course, driving us parents crazy). Although the miles built up between us over time, we still hold onto that season of memories. Brian…you were a dear and loyal friend…you were an awesome young man and your presence will always be felt in our hearts and at Toto.

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